Our Services


When your home is due an update or even a change in colour we can provide experience, skills and dedication to make it happen. we offer competitive prices on interior decoration that will leave the house looking brand new, we always protect any furniture and floors and keep the area clean after each working day to minimize disturbance. we take pride in bringing rooms to life.




We can assist in choosing the correct paint for each individual room, this is important as some areas may have more light, humidity or be high traffic areas. 


We also help to tackle mould areas, stains and watermarks, rotted wood and other problems that arise inside and out side your home.




At Kevin James Decorating we enjoy the transformation of tired looking properties come to life after giving exterior projects all we can to revitalize old cracked masonary and rotted windows. the end result makes all the hard work worth it. We do our best to insure all surfaces are prepared to an excellent standard as preparation is key for a long lasting finish. 


period property


 We cover most external projects including period, modern or extended properties.

we cover:

  • Windows, doors, guttering and fascias.

  • Masonry, brickwork and cladding

  • Previously painted exterior walls

  • Pebble dash or rendered walls

  • Metals, such as gates and posts

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Aged blackened oak needed time and attention to restore back to life to give it a vibrant oak satin finish.