We offer advice for a wide range of services whether it's which paint to use, what materials to use and how much, what preparation is required to get the best finish and how to prevent damage, such as mould, returning to maintain a high standard.

With so many different paints to choose from and different surfaces to paint it can be over whelming and difficult to pick the right materials for the job.

We can help with:

  • Colour matching or help choosing the right colour for your property

  • Explaining the different types of paint available and the pros and cons of the different finishes.

  • Treatment on damaged surfaces (mould, damp or rot).

  • Prevention of future damage.

  • Advising on which paints are suitable for your individual needs.

  • Advice on priming surefases ready for painting such as bare wood/ plaster, metals, rust and plastic.

  • Estimating a rough timeline on how long work will take to complete.


We have years of experience using different paints on all types of surfaces such as Dulux, Crown, Johnstones, Sikkens, Armstead, Farrow & Ball, Little Green, Sandtex and Zinsser.


Being part of the Dulux select decorators scheme and accredited with Trust Mark and the Painting and Decorating Association you can be sure of high standards of work and satisfaction every time.  

If you require guidence or a quote on a project then send us a message at the Contact us page.